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Mystery Shopping

Our Mystery Shopping research provides a great tool to evaluate your customer service standards. Using trained observers who pose as customers or potential customers, we are able to accurately identify the deficiencies in your service delivery processes at all points of contact with the customer. The systematic approach we employ to mystery shopping provides an objective snapshot of the customer’s experience at the frontline, allowing you to:

  1. Monitor employee compliance with procedures
  2. Know how polite, courteous, knowledgeable, and responsive your frontline employees are
  3. Recognize and reward valuable employees
  4. Indentify training needs and measure training efforts
  5. Benchmark service standards against your competition and the market as a whole
  6. Track your service performance over time

Our online reporting platform compiles all mystery shopping data into a reporting interface designed to provide a comprehensive view of the results within 48 hours after the mystery shopping is conducted.

We provide a range of tailor-made and cost effective mystery shopping services aimed at delivering actionable feedback to our clients

Video Mystery Shopping

Video mystery shopping is the latest and most powerful way of experiencing the reality of service being delivered to your customers. It is a really effective way of capturing your true levels of service. It also allows you to effectively compare your service performance against the prescribed service standards.

Using state-of-the-art hidden digital cameras, we record the entire service experience. The mystery shoppers will enact typical face-to-face situations with your frontline staff, objectively evaluating their levels of courtesy, what form of greeting they used, personal presentation, product knowledge, helpfulness, length of queue, speed of service delivery and many more service attributes. Video recordings from the mystery shopping can be incorporated into training programmes for employees.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Recorded telephone mystery shopping is an effective means of measuring the quality of service delivered to your customers over the telephone. Telephone mystery shopping provides insight into the way your calls are answered, the telephone manners of your employees, and the way your employees deal with customer enquiries.

URIKA Research uses the latest digital recording systems to ensure the highest quality of output, including call editing to remove audio interference and maximize call clarity.

Internet/Email Mystery Shopping

With the increasing volume of business traffic via the internet, our services include web based and email mystery shopping. We will evaluate visitors experiences when they visit your website, the ease at which customers can use your online services, the response time to customers email enquiries, and so forth.

Competitor Mystery Shopping

We can also mystery shop your close competitors using the same criteria we used for your mystery shopping so you can effectively assess the competitiveness of your organisation’s service delivery quality by benchmarking it against the offerings of your competitors.

When conducting competitor mystery shopping, we strictly adhere to the ethical principles involved so not to infringe on the rights of your competitors.

Incentive-Base Mystery Shopping

Whiles mystery shopping is considered as an effective diagnostic tool for identifying the weaknesses in your organisations service delivery process, it can also be effectively used to encourage, develop and motivate your employees by linking mystery shopping results with appraisals and reward mechanisms.

Mystery shopping can be used to reward service teams and individuals who are performing well. If implemented well, incentive-based mystery shopping can motivate and encourage employees to consistently main high level of quality customer service.

Syndicated Mystery Shopping

Our Syndicated Mystery Shopping is a collective approach of conducting mystery shopping for a number of different client organisations, within the same industry, during the same period.

This collective approach to mystery shopping brings significant benefits to participating organisations.

  1. As compared to a stand-alone mystery shopping conducted only for your organisation, this syndicated study enables your organisation to compare their service quality relative to their competitors and the general industry norms.

  2. The syndicated mystery shopping can bring significant cost savings to participating organisations because the cost involved in conducting the mystery shopping is shared, and organisations do not have to pay extra for the competitor intelligence they receive.

  3. The mystery shopping is conducted every quarter, this allows organisations to monitor improvement trends in the service delivery process, and quickly take corrective measures if the service levels dip.

Sign up now for the Syndicated Mystery Shopping and also enjoy the benefits of video mystery shopping and online reporting systems.