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Segmentation Research

Segmentation research delivers strategic marketing information that is needed in today’s challenging business environment where new markets and new product categories emerge and traditional markets fade away.
Market Segmentation allows organisations to identify unique segments in the market so they can tailor product features, services, distribution, pricing, and marketing communication messages specifically to each segment. Segmentation research allows businesses to quantify the sizes and potential economic value of each segment, as well as describe the composition of each segment.
Market Segmentation helps a company to increase its targeting precision. So with market segmentation, products and services can now be targeted at customers based on their demographic traits, lifestyle preferences, geographic locations, or on their purchasing or usage behaviour.
Managers rely on our segmentation research to:

  1. Customize service offerings to align with customer needs

  2. Optimize allocation of sales and marketing resources by targeting high-value customers segments

  3. Increase promotional impact by positioning products and customizing messages to align with segment-specific orientations

Our market segmentation research helps clients keep ‘their eye on the ball’.