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Employee Satisfaction Research

Organisational leaders often say —“people are their greatest asset”. This has become a management cliché; especially with organisations doing little to understand their employees’ aspirations and commitment to their work.

Employees play a crucial role in customer relationships. Employees also do more than deliver customer service—they personalize the relationship between the customer and the organisation. That is why it is important to measure your employees’ commitment to the organisation and their morale to deliver high quality service at all times. A positive employee climate will enhance customer experience, contributing to loyalty and consequently the bottom line.

Our Employee satisfaction research allows you to:

  1. Assess how happy and satisfied employees are with your organisation and its management
  2. Promptly track and resolve employee issues
  3. Provide a culture of communication
  4. Pinpoint factors that drive employee loyalty
  5. Determine which organisational culture needs reinforcement and which one needs changing.

Engaging your employees through Employee satisfaction research is an essential part of your organisation’s well being. Effectively understanding and supporting staff is a pre-requisite to providing exceptional customer service.

URIKA Research is committed to helping our clients foster a culture of service excellence, and employees play a pivotal role in creating this culture. Our Employee Satisfaction Research can assist you to better understand, motivate and thereby optimize your human capital to improve employee performance and positively impact your business results.