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Brand Research

You know how hard it is to build a competitive brand. So do we. At URIKA Research, we have developed a smart and robust proprietary tool called the “360 Brand Audit Model”. With this tool we are able to conduct research into the brand health or customer-based brand equity of organisations. This provides our clients with insights into how consumers perceive their brand, why consumers choose their brand over competing brands and how organisations can express their brands effectively.

We get into the mind of consumers and help your organisation determine such things as:

  1. The relative strengths and weaknesses of  your brand
  2. Brand position by comparing your brand against  its in-market competitors
  3. The key attributes consumers associate with your brand and how they evaluate your brand
  4. Brand Awareness
  5. Brand loyalty and switching likelihood

Our rich diagnostics tool for brand research helps provide strategic insights that clients can use to:

  1. Reinforce their current brand position
  2. Refocus to build new linkages to its advantage
  3. Redefine a perceived weakness so that it is perceived as a strength
  4. Remove a competitor’s perceived strength by repositioning attributes of their brand

At URIKA Research, we are committed to helping our clients build enduring brands that provide sustainable competitive advantage.

The 360 Brand Audit Model
To comprehensively understand Brand Equity and Brand Health on the marketplace, URIKA Research has developed a proprietary tool called the “360 Brand Audit Model”. Our model uses a unique qualitative and quantitative methodology that takes an all-around view of Brand Health and audits all dimensions that may add value or weaken brand equity. Our model also compensates for some of the common weaknesses found in other models used to evaluate Brand Health.
The 360 Brand Audit Model gains insights from cross-section of all stakeholders of the organisation and measures Brand Health through seven dimensions:

360 Brand Audit Model