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At URIKA Research, we understand that the quality of analysis determines the value of information. We employ a refined suite of statistical tools that draw out accurate, insightful and actionable findings from the research data. While some of these approaches are not always necessary to address client objectives, they can often make the difference between researches that “tells us what we already know” versus research that “shows us what we never expected”.

Our strength is our ability to match the client problem or issue to the correct analytical approach, and then design a research study around that approach. Our team of analysts and statisticians offer a broad range of advanced analytical techniques to transform data into actionable information.

  1. Cluster Analysis
  2. Conjoint Analysis/Discrete Choice Modeling
  3. Correspondence Analysis/Multidimensional Scaling/Perceptual Mapping
  4. Discriminant Analysis/Logistic Regression Analysis/Logit Analysis
  5. Factor Analysis
  6. Multiple Regression
  7. Structural Equation Modeling